• Movie: Team Galag - Eat, Sleep, Rally, Repeat

    Movie: Team Galag - Eat, Sleep, Rally, Repeat Are you ready? Team Galag's movie is finally ready! In June this year, the Gumball 3000 took place and of course Team Galag was participating in this famous rally. They joined the rally with up to four cars and they also brought a lot of promotional items to give away. To complete their journey they now released a movie to show us how they experienced this crazy rally. We're wondering what they will come up with next year! Read more

  • A new year, a new Gumball 3000!

    A new year, a new Gumball 3000! With the new year, comes the burden of planning for another Gumball 3000. We say burden because the logistics that come along with our participation are daunting to say the least. So what do you do when, a) you’ve won the coveted Spirit of the Gumball award and b) you did your last Gumball 3000 in two cars you’ve built yourself? Read more

  • Win Team Galag "Spirit of the Gumball" shirts!

    Win Team Galag "Spirit of the Gumball" shirts! We give you the opportunity to win Team Galag’s limited edition 15th Anniversary “Spirit of the Gumball’ EPIC/SHIT tshirts and iPhone 5/5s cover today by answering the following 5 question: Read more

  • Win Team Galag T-shirts!

    Win Team Galag T-shirts! In just over a week, the Gumball 3000 will start in Copenhagen. Team Galag is transporting their cars to Copenhagen and we can say that the Tumbler as well as the TG1 look really impressive! Just like last year, Team Galag will toss around fan T-shirts and we have the honour to give away the first shirts. What do you have to do to win them? Read more

  • The Tumbler is ready!

    The Tumbler is ready! After months of work by the Parker Brothers, they finally succeeded. The Tumbler is as good as ready and will be present at the start of the Gumball 3000 in Copenhagen. Next to the Tumbler, we will compete with the TG1 which is also almost ready. We want to keep this car a secret as long as possible! Read more

  • The Tumbler is ready! Teaser by Team Galag!

    The Tumbler is ready! Teaser by Team Galag! Soon, we will have a complete photo gallery of the Tumbler from Team Galag, the car with which they will compete in the Gumball 3000 rally. Still, we couldn't wait to show you the first teaser. The Parker Brothers made a great result and we hope that you will like the Tumbler just as much as we do. Read more

  • Team Galag: the finishing touch

    Team Galag: the finishing touch With all the hustle a bustle surrounding our car builds we seem to have failed to mention some of the other exciting preparations that take place for Gumball. There are so many things that we have to look at but trust us when we tell you, this is the fun part. Read more

  • Team Galag is working on their cars!

    Team Galag is working on their cars! And here we are again! It's been a while since our last update and a lot has happened. We were just in Florida visiting the Parker Brothers to check on the Tumbler and the TG1 and all that we can say is THINGS ARE HAPPENING, FAST!! Read more

  • Team Galag: Is 750 bhp enough?

    Team Galag: Is 750 bhp enough? In this update, Team Galag will tell you more about the specifications of their self-built car. The TG1 will be powered by a twinturbo V6. Getting interested? You can read more about this in this article. Read more

  • Team Galag: Why so serious?

    Team Galag: Why so serious? Next months, we will follow Team Galag in their process of building their TG1 and their Tumbler. We all know the Tumbler from the Batman movies. But why and how are they going to build this car? We will follow them! To build a Tumbler or not to build a Tumbler? That is the question. Read more

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