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Spotted in Greenwich (CT), United States of America
Date 2019-05-27 03:39

I first found this cherry apple red 2016 Bentley Continental GTC V8 parked on Greenwich Avenue on 7/15/2017 (photos 2-6). I found it again parked at Greenwich Catholic School on 5/26/2019 (photos 1 and 7-10). I really love this spec, really stands out from the rest of the Bentleys I have spotted. License plate: AA·48948 (CT)

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    Sm@rt  -  2019-05-27 at 15:30

    Wow, very nice color combination with the interior.

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    thomcarspotter  -  2019-05-27 at 19:40

    Sheesh, what a spec! Awesome color and i do love that twotone interior aswell. Really fancy!

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    LucasH  -  2019-05-30 at 10:26

    Awesome configuration, this owner really does have taste. Perfect cruiser for warm summer days.

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    Rivitography  -  2019-05-31 at 04:59

    @Sma@rt @thomcarspotter @LucasH agreed with all of you.

  5. This is not ok

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