Spotted in Wassen, Switzerland
Date 2021-07-07 14:56

This drove past me yesterday and went up the Sustenpass. Tried to follow. Catched up and it began to rain heavily. The Pagani owner decided to turn and drive back down... didn‘t follow again. So sadly only phone-photos

Auto details

Topspeed 360 KM/H
Acceleration 0-100 KM/H 3.00 s
Power 764 hp
Torque 1000 Nm @ 2300 RPM
Weight 1280 kg

Comments on this spot

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    NETHERLANDS JeffreydeRuiter  -  2021-07-08 at 01:03

    Epic find! I'm wondering what the mileage is.

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    NETHERLANDS Rover-Spots  -  2021-07-08 at 07:47

    Incredible find!

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    Cars_in_Monaco  -  2021-07-08 at 11:55

    @JeffreydeRuiter the mileage is somewhere around 80'000 Kilometer, It's insane!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Jjrivero  -  2021-07-08 at 22:46

    Incredible catch!

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    NETHERLANDS Michael.  -  2021-07-13 at 18:09


  6. This is not ok

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