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Spotted in Milan, Italy
Date 2023-11-25 18:44

Surely my best spot so far! I joined a photo shoot of this incredible Zonda, owned by Horacio Pagani himself in San Cesario, organised by Larusmiani, the clothing shop where this masterpiece have been exhibited from the day after for about 1 month. What an experience shooting it for almost 3 hours, watching the official photographer building the perfect shot! Disclaimer: I already asked if this kind of spots are not considered events or exhibitions to the admins, and it seems to be ok.


Camera model NIKON D90
Shutterspeed 1/8 sec.
Focal length 18.0 mm

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Comments on this spot

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    UNITED KINGDOM Miles A.  - 2023-11-25 at 18:47

    Insane spot! ?

  2. Profile pic
    UNITED KINGDOM Joshyboy1236  - 2023-11-25 at 18:52

    Oh my god! Incredible! Insane spot and beautiful photos! Crazy!

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    NETHERLANDS tk97  - 2023-11-25 at 19:16

    Incredible spot!

  4. Profile pic
    SERBIA Nemanja 8.32  - 2023-11-25 at 19:25

    Only the Argentinian mind and Italian design can create it. ?

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    UNITED KINGDOM ST22HTV  - 2023-11-25 at 19:36

    Looks so mad!

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    UNITED KINGDOM Snekily1  - 2023-11-25 at 19:37

    What a car!!!!!

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    ITALY Tizz420  - 2023-11-25 at 20:39

    Incredibile! Ho avuto la possibilità di vederla esposta in un negozio lì in via monte napoleone ed è stato mozzafiato

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    UKRAINE suishafter.png  - 2023-11-26 at 00:05

    Bellissimo Spot of the Day?

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    RUSSIA Exclusive BeNeLux  - 2023-11-26 at 06:56

    Just insane spot! Congrats ?

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    ITALY Cars.Spotting.Ita  - 2023-11-26 at 13:29

    @Tizz420 Laurismiani, o una cosa del genere, questa è la stessa, l'hanno recentemente tolta per far spazio a una Porsche, non ricordo quale però.

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    GERMANY Spotter0711  - 2023-11-26 at 15:29


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    UNITED KINGDOM davileon  - 2023-11-26 at 21:34

    Incredible find and car!! ?

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    FRANCE mtgt  - 2023-11-26 at 22:48

    Unreal spot ! Amazing ?

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    POLAND Daro92  - 2023-11-27 at 09:37

    Wow! Incredible!

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    NETHERLANDS Rover-Spots  - 2023-11-27 at 19:21

    Wow, what a piece of art! Incredible find and great shots!

  16. Profile pic
    GERMANY caymangt4  - 2023-11-27 at 23:43


  17. This is not ok

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