Spotter Horse-Power
Spotted in Atlanta (GA), United States of America
Date 2019-03-24 15:02

I spotted this Cullinan with Georgia tags ( RQQ3174 ) parked in front of the Chops Restaurant located next to the St Regis Hotel off of West Paces.

Auto details

Topspeed 250 km/u
Acceleration 0-100 km/u 6.70 s
Power 563 pk
Torque 850 Nm @ 1600 tpm
Weight 2660 kg

Comments on this spot

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    ShaytonSky  -  2019-03-24 at 15:41

    Insane find West! Pretty crazy color combination with those rims, I think I won't choose them for a Cullinan, but it does stand out for sure. Nice spot and cool pictures as always buddy! Hope things go well on your end.

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    hardstyler  -  2019-03-24 at 19:30

    Muricahhhh. Such a freakshow

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    thomcarspotter  -  2019-03-24 at 21:11

    Pretty insane spec for a Rolls! Typical USA tuning :) Great spot West. Hope you had a good weekend.

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    Herman05  -  2019-03-24 at 22:39

    Sick spec on this Cullinan! I'm not a fan of those wheels, but hey - that's the US style.

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    OPspotters  -  2019-03-25 at 01:19

    Absolutely amazing! LOVE the spec on this car, probably the first Cullinan that I like.

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    hertj94  -  2019-03-25 at 03:17

    That is a nuts configuration, only in ATL. Nice shots!

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    CCLphotography  -  2019-03-25 at 09:03

    Oh my word that thing is hideous... Nice shots though!

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    DeAutospotter  -  2019-03-25 at 20:48


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    NCspotter  -  2019-03-26 at 01:04

    Looks terrible, cool spot though! Any idea who was driving? Almost looks like Cam Newton.

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    Horse-Power  -  2019-03-26 at 12:16

    Thank you Greg, Jeffrey, Thom, Henry, Steven, Jon, Christian, Manuel, Nick, and Ruud for writing up this spot on AG's main page. I really appreciate you guys.

    @NCspotter Hi Nick. No clue to be honest, traffic was so heavy in the valet I just wanted to grab my shots before the car left.

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    AGS  -  2019-03-26 at 14:22

    The car is from the rapper lil baby!

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    Horse-Power  -  2019-03-29 at 13:05

    @AGS Thanks AGS for the information about this car, I really appreciate it.

  13. This is not ok

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