This MC12 was spotted 13 years ago!

This MC12 was spotted 13 years ago!

Back in 2005 when this car was spotted, Autogespot existed just a few months. Back then spotting was not very popular. But thanks to a growing enthusiasm for exotic cars and the accessibility to new digital camera technology, the 'sport' of car spotting has exploded! Spotter Miura1 has been uploading some 'older' spots and this MC12 is just one of his many topspots.

The photo quality in this spot is good, and the spot certainly doesn't look dated. The photos are more than likely made with an early generation digital camera. The plate/car combination has not been spotted before and it could be that the registration has been changed or that the car has changed ownership. There are several MC12's in the Cannes/Monaco area, so it could be a unique spot. Time will tell if there will be a future spot of this plate/car combination. In the mean time, enjoy this 'classic' spot!

Dertien jaar geleden werd deze Maserati MC12 gespot

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