Topspot: Lexus LFA

Topspot: Lexus LFA

Those who go shopping at Lexus and are looking for a sports model can choose between a few F models. The Lexus IS, GS or RC F. All these three models are powered by a V8 in the front and offer a sporty performance. Non of these cars can come close to the LFA. This car is still a rarity in the automotive world.

Aventarari managed to spot this beautiful copy in the city of McLean, close to Washington. It's a rich suburb where you can find pearls like this car. The LFA is still a highlight in the automotive industry. That thanks to the unique V10 that took a lot of time to build. Since 2000, Lexus was working on the LFA until the eventual production model was shown in the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009. The V10 was limited to 9.000 rpm and is seen as one of the best engines in the world, together with the V10 of the Porsche Carrera GT. Toyota technicians say it sounds like the roar of an angel. For petrolheads, this is probably one of the best sounds there is in the world. The combination of modern lines and the engine make the LFA look like a real pearl.

Topspot: Lexus LFA

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