Topspot: NIO EP9

Topspot: NIO EP9

This is the future and we will see more spots of these type of cars in the years to come. We are talking about electric supercars like this NIO EP9. With four high-performance inboard motors and four individual gearboxes, the EP9 delivers 1-MegaWatt of power, equivalent to 1,360PS. The EP9 accelerates from 0-200 kph (120 mph) in 7.1 seconds and has a top speed of 313 kph (195 mph).

With an interchangeable battery system, the EP9 is designed to be charged in 45 minutes and has a range of 427 kilometers. The carbon cockpit and chassis embodies a new approach to performance vehicle design to handle the physical demands of a car with 3G cornering capabilities, with added structural solidity and aero efficiency. The EP9 is capable of achieving 24,000 Newtons of downforce at 240kph.

The EP9 features a visionary integrated e-control structure and sensor system layout, which could fit the latest autonomous driving technology. Additionally, it utilizes our intelligent, user-friendly interactional design concept, which provides a joyful experience for users with digital interaction and instant sharing.

Topspot: NIO EP9

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