Spotter ShaytonSky
Spotted in Miskolc, Hungary
Date 2024-02-29 20:52

I have no idea why the photos turned out this horrible, apologies.


Camera model NIKON D3300
Shutterspeed 1/125 sec.
Focal length 20.0 mm

Auto details

Topspeed 290 KM/H
Acceleration 0-100 KM/H 3.90 s
Power 510 hp
Torque 650 Nm @ 2750 RPM
Weight 1800 kg

Comments on this spot

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    ITALY Dalzzz  - 2024-02-29 at 21:02

    The photos are great! I don’t know what you’re talking about :)
    I love the spec of this M4 too!

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    NETHERLANDS carphotography_daan  - 2024-02-29 at 21:12

    Beautiful spot and spec mate! The photos are good aswell!

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    NETHERLANDS Exclusive_Spottertje  - 2024-02-29 at 22:33

    Cool spot!!

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    UNITED KINGDOM ci x if rhnrgbe  - 2024-02-29 at 23:00

    lovely spot and photos they are amazing!!!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  - 2024-03-05 at 12:57

    Hi Greg, You have some awesome new German car brands to add to your current page. They all look pretty sweet, my friend. This particular lady would be one of my favorites.

  6. This is not ok

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