Driven: BMW X6 M

Driven: BMW X6 M

Speeding, while sitting up high and comfortable. Sales of SUV's are booming and there are plenty of options to choose from. Even Jaguar is developing an SUV powered by a mighty V8. BMW already knows that there is a high demand for the V8, and that is exactly why they put the twin-turbo V8 engine in the X6. The result, the BMW X6 M with 575 hp that just make you want to go fast!

Lets just start with the subject that we love about BMW, but also not. The interior. Whether you drive a 3-serie, 5-serie or an X6, the interior is basically the same. It makes things easy when you drive a variety of BMW's and the operation of the multi-media system is identical, but we wouldn't mind if BMW added a little bit more excitement. Of course there are some interesting options/accessories to choose from but that doesn't change the base. But lets leave that discussion behind us, and focus on the fun part!

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The interior might lack some excitement, the driving comfort on the other hand is excellent. Without any trouble you can easily get in and out of this car, I mean SUV, and get behind the drivers wheel. The M sport seats are comfortable and yes, it has back seats with plenty of space! Only for those that are really tall might have an issue with the lack of headroom due to the declining roofline.

We are familiar with the engine, from when we drove the M5 F10 and the M5 30 Jahre Edition. But this is the first time we experienced it in the the X6 M. I must say, with 575 hp and sitting up high you feel like the "King of the Road". The massive, ultra-high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport tires (325/30-21 at the rear) provide all the grip you need and make it feel like you are driving a sports car, not an SUV.
The weight of the X6 M plays part once you start maneuvering through corners at a high speed. Going straight is a one big party, and the acceleration only starts to slow once you hit 130 mph. That's when the weight of 5,100 pounds and aerodynamics are starting to come into play, and this is when the 575 horses will have to work hard to reach its top speed of 155 mph.

Gereden: BMW X6 MGereden: BMW X6 MGereden: BMW X6 MGereden: BMW X6 MGereden: BMW X6 M

The X6 M we drove was configured with all possible options. The interior was finished with Merino leather upholstery, an Individual Option. Another, very welcoming option, was the heater. You receive a special remote control for the heater and it has a special timer so that you can enjoy a nice, warmed up car. And for those that don't have the luxury of parking their car in the garage, you no longer the need to scrape the ice of your windshield. For more comfort, the buyer has the choice of a 16-speaker Bang & Olufsen High End Surround sound system, TV function and heated rear seats. So you don't have to worry that you will feel cold in this X6 M. And the price of this all, well the X6 M starts at $105,000, and that is without taxes of course! We loved driving the X6 M!

Gereden: BMW X6 MGereden: BMW X6 MGereden: BMW X6 MGereden: BMW X6 MGereden: BMW X6 MGereden: BMW X6 M

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