Spotter PcArzenal b.o.carphotos
Spotted in Budapest, Hungary
Date 2020-11-25 14:29

Auto details

Topspeed 285 km/u
Acceleration 0-100 km/u 5.00 s
Power 460 pk
Torque 520 Nm @ 4750 tpm
Weight 1980 kg

Comments on this spot

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  -  2020-11-28 at 11:19

    What can be better then a great looking Italian car that can go topless by a press of a button. The biggest selling point to this car is that it has a Ferrari engine. Pure perfection, mate. Cool catch. @PcArzenal

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    HUNGARY PcArzenal  -  2020-11-28 at 12:21

    Indeed. The GranTurismo is one of the best sounding sportscar. It's a decent choice.

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