Yellow combo ready to attack the San Bernardino mountain pass

Yellow combo ready to attack the San Bernardino mountain pass

Mountain driving in a sports car must be an unforgettable experience. This spot captured two owners that took their sports cars, an Alfa Romeo and a mean looking BMW, out on an unforgettable trip.

We are talking about the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider and the BMW M4. Both cars seem to be the perfect companions for a ride in the San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland. But you if you had to choose one car, what would it be?

BMW is the most powerful of this duo with 430 hp and 550 Nm of torque. This power comes from the 6-cylinder bi-turbo engine. The spotted copy is finished in the Austin Yellow i> color with some nice upgrades, like the M Performance front splitter and the carbon rear spoiler. For better acoustics the German has the Akrapovic exhaust system installed, and that much sound wonderful. We would love to hear that when the M4 is hitting a tunnel!

If the BMW is a bit too powerful, or not agile enough you can go for the Alfa. With its 3,000 lb the M4 is no lightweight, like the Alfa 4C is. The Alfa only weighs 1,800 lb and is powered by a 1.8 turbo 4-cylinder, good for 240 hp. BMW may have 200 more horsepower, yet in these conditions it is a great matchup. One is very powerful, the other one is very light. Honestly, I'm not big Alfa fan, but the lighter 4C Spider seems to be better suited to the task: attack the San Bernardino!

Gele combo klaar om de San Bernardinopas aan te vallen

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