• Cars & Business takes over Spain

    Cars & Business takes over Spain Those who follow the Facebook page of Autogespot might have seen that Cars & Business planned a trip in Spain this weekend. All cars gathered at Louwman Exclusive in the Netherlands and were transported to Barcelona. The Cars & Business Spain tour will drive through Spain in the next few days and the tour ends in Marbella. We received the first photos from the start in Barcelona. Around 11:00 the cars will head to Valencia! Read more

  • Event: Cars and Coffee Torino 2014

    Event: Cars and Coffee Torino 2014 In Italy, Cars & Coffee Torino is organized every year. This is probably one of the biggest Cars & Coffee meetings in Europe. Only the American versions are more successful. In Torino, the organization can be very proud of the result. A great meeting with a lot of exotics in a very peaceful atmosphere. A cup of coffee, great cars and great weather! Isn’t that what everybody wants on a Sunday? Thanks to Davpassion for sending us his photos! Read more

  • Porsche is working on a track monster with the 991 GT3 RS

    Porsche is working on a track monster with the 991 GT3 RS The entire week is a coming and going of new test cars on the Nürburgring. We hadn’t seen the Porsche 991 GT3 RS for a while already. Maybe because of the problems with the engine of the GT3, but the car’s back. The GT3 RS showed up on the Nürburgring again to make a few laps. Read more

  • Maserati Announces GranTurismo MC Centennial Edition

    Maserati Announces GranTurismo MC Centennial Edition Just one month after stunning the Geneva Auto Show with the Alfieri Concept, Maserati once again brought unannounced surprises to the Auto Show world with the global debut of the GranTurismo MC Centennial Edition Range at the New York International Auto Show. True to the granturismo formula, an Italian tradition that Maserati largely established, each car pays homage to generations of closed and open cars of equal measure performance, luxury and style. At their core, as always, is the authenticity of race-bred engineering which asks to be driven with passion each and every day.
    If one needs more Maserati surprise, style and passion, the all new Ghibli App is also enjoying its global debut in New York. Read more

  • Event: Gran Turismo Events 2014 on Spa-Francorchamps!

    Event: Gran Turismo Events 2014 on Spa-Francorchamps! Back in the days, just a few members of the Swedish Ferrari Club organized an event and now, ten years later, this is grown out to one of the best car events of the year. The Gran Turismo Events organize several trackdays on some exciting and challenging tracks. Last weekend, they visited the Formula 1 track of Spa-Francorchamps. The most popular car of the weekend was the Gumpert Apollo Sport, but there were also a lot of ‘normal’ track toys from Porsche 997 GT3s to Ferrari’s newest 458 Speciale. Read more

  • New York 2014: Bentley

    New York 2014: Bentley Bentley brought a few cars to the New York Motor Show. Varying from the new Flying Spur V8, Continental GTC Speed to the Continental GT3. All cars with racing DNA because they’re all quite sporty. Read more

  • Event: Tour Auto 2014

    Event: Tour Auto 2014 A remarkable amount of classics could be found on the street of Paris at the 6th of April. This was the day that the competitors gathered for the 23th edition of the Tour Auto Optic 2000 at the Grand Palais. A lot of competitors used this day to take a ride on the Champs Elysees with their classic! Read more

  • New York 2014: Porsche 991 Targa

    New York 2014: Porsche 991 Targa The car on which a lot of Porsche fanatics were waiting since the Porsche 964 Targa, the 991 Targa, is shining on the New York Motor Show like never before. The positive reactions on the Targa are very welcome after all the problems with the 991 GT3. The Targa has again got its beautiful roof line back and that’s why everybody is so positive about this car. Read more

  • Lamborghini Huracán with Liberty Walk bodykit looks amazing!

    Lamborghini Huracán with Liberty Walk bodykit looks amazing! Japanese and tuning often results in something very special. Outstanding styling and the use of colours is something you won’t see anywhere else. The tuner of exotic toys, Liberty Walk is one of the most famous companies. Ferrari’s 458 Italia already got a widebodykit, the Liberty Walk Huracán LP610-4 will get a similar bodykit! Read more

  • Gemballa brings some upgrades to Top Marques Monaco!

    Gemballa brings some upgrades to Top Marques Monaco! Theoretically, the distance between Leonberg, the hometown of Gemballa, and Monaco is only 800 kilometers. This is just a 2.5 hour drive when you drive the maximum speed of the Gemballa Mistrale. This top speed is over 340 kph! Gemballa is back in Monaco and they bring the Mistrale and Gemballa GT. We already know both cars but there’s something new! The Mistrale is equipped with a power upgrade and the Gemballa GT got some optical adjustments. Read more

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