• Geneva 2015: Porsche 991 GT3 RS

    Geneva 2015: Porsche 991 GT3 RS We’ve waited a long time for this car but it’s finally here. The Porsche 991 GT3 RS is shown on the Geneva Motor Show and it looks really brutal. The spyshots which we showed you before leave nothing to your imagination because the car looks a lot like these photos. The strange inlets on the front wheel fenders can still be found on the car just like the air intakes in front of the rear wheels. This car doesn’t have a turbo, luckily it still has enough power. Read more

  • Genève 2015: Aston Martin DBX Concept

    Genève 2015: Aston Martin DBX Concept Aston Martin today challenges the nature of luxury GT travel in the 21st Century with the debut at the 85th Geneva International Motor Show of the innovative DBX Concept. Created to defy conventional thinking about the luxury GT segment, the DBX Concept widens the appeal of the iconic British luxury brand and reaches out to a more diverse global audience than ever before. Read more

  • Geneva 2015: first photos Koenigsegg Agera RS [UPDATE]

    Geneva 2015: first photos Koenigsegg Agera RS [UPDATE] The Koenigsegg Regera is the hypercar everybody is looking forward to on the Geneva Motor Show. Unfortunately this car is still completely covered. Luckily we managed to take some photos of a second model that Koenigsegg brought to Switzerland, the Agera RS. Read more

  • Geneva 2015: Ford GT

    Geneva 2015: Ford GT After the introduction on the North American market during the NAIAS and the Chicago Auto Show, the spectacular Ford GT is introduced in Europe. This GT is already one of the biggest surprises of 2015 and also one of the highlights of the Geneva Motor Show. Read more

  • Geneva 2015: Mansory Sahara Edition

    Geneva 2015: Mansory Sahara Edition Mansory has a lot of customers in the Middle East. A great reason to introduce the Sahara Edition on the Geneva Motor Show. Arabs will love this car! Read more

  • Geneva 2015: Koenigsegg Regera

    Geneva 2015: Koenigsegg Regera The car is finally live, the Koenigsegg Regera! The Swedish manufacturer starts a new chapter in the history of the brand. Geneva is the perfect location to unveil this special hypercar. Read more

  • Geneva 2015: the new Audi R8

    Geneva 2015: the new Audi R8 Audi presents the new Audi R8 at the Geneva Motor Show. The V10 mid-engine and a newly developed quattro system guarantee a big improvement of the performance of the second generation of this model. Read more

  • Geneva 2015: Mansory Torofeo

    Geneva 2015: Mansory Torofeo Mansory had a great night drinking during the development of their latest models. One of the world scoops of the German tuning company is the Mansory Torofeo. Never before a Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 was tuned this extreme. Read more

  • Geneva 2015: MTM Talladega S S8

    Geneva 2015: MTM Talladega S S8 Fireworks at MTM´s stand on the Geneva Motor Show. With a more aggressive look and a very powerful engine the German business limousine is transferred into an outstanding car which deserves a RS logo. After the Talladega, MTM brings the Talladega S to Geneva, this model is even more powerful! Read more

  • Bentley shows the future with the EXP 10 Speed 6

    Bentley shows the future with the EXP 10 Speed 6 Bentley Motors is showing the future direction of luxury and performance with the EXP 10 Speed 6 at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show. The concept is a British interpretation of a high performance two seater sportscar using modern automotive design, highly skilled handcrafting, the finest materials and advanced performance technology. Read more

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