Spotter Dany1018 carsmafia
Spotted in Alicante, Spain
Date 2021-03-06 22:11

My 800th spot :D

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    SPAIN Mazy  -  2021-03-07 at 00:13

    Es un 996 del 2000

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    SPAIN Dany1018  -  2021-03-07 at 01:23

    @Mazy por matrícula aparecerá como empezó su vida, como un 996 4, por motorización dejó de serlo hace bastantes años jejeje

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    NETHERLANDS hardstyler  -  2021-03-08 at 16:21

    Congratz on your milestone! So this Frankenstein monster is based on a (Not accepted) 996 Carrera S? What an incredible find. Intense built.

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    SPAIN Dany1018  -  2021-03-08 at 16:37

    @hardstyler Thanks for the support!! The chassis is from a 996 Carrera, but it has everything from the 997, from transmission to engine, brakes, suspension... everything is from a 997 mkII. Also this license plate is from 2006 when the 997 was already available. Definitely a lot of money has gone into this project, but I think that the final result is amazing to be honest :D

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    NETHERLANDS hardstyler  -  2021-03-08 at 17:13

    Strange to use a 996 chassis if you're going to bold a whole 997 on it basically. Now you've horrible fitting rear lights. And a lot of money just thrown away I believe. But I might be wrong there. The kit is is a matter of taste. I'm not a fan of it. Just as the rims haha.

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    SPAIN Dany1018  -  2021-03-08 at 17:17

    @hardstyler I know... Mazy said it’s a 996 but now thinking about it I don’t see why they would go through so much hustle and effort and not get a 997 as a base. It might be a 997 but I’m not sure. I spoke to PriorDesign on Instagram and they said this model was brought to them as a 997, so who knows really lol either way, I do like the fact that people want to try something different with their sport cars, if I had one I’m not sure that I would go that route as I keep both my cars with custom yet OEM parts, but it’s good to see some diversity :D

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    NETHERLANDS hardstyler  -  2021-03-08 at 18:34

    It's definitely a 996. You can tell by the doorhandles. Compare them with a sideview of a 997 and you see it right away.

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Jjrivero  -  2021-03-09 at 23:19

    Interesting catch, congrats on #800!

  9. This is not ok

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