• Driven: McLaren 650S

    Driven: McLaren 650S Nobody will say no to a day with the newest model of McLaren. Definitely not when you’ve already driven the 12C Coupé. McLaren says that the 650S is a big improvement of the 12C. The 650S is a big success and they even ended the production of the 12C. McLaren is doing great and they do everything they can to bring their car to the attention. The 12C was a great car but still needed some improvements, the P1 is the ultimate hypercar which seems to be faster than every competitor and with this knowledge McLaren developed the 650S. Read more

  • McLaren won't build a SUV

    McLaren won't build a SUV Almost every sports car manufacturer has a four-seater car nowadays. Porsche started with the Cayenna and many others followed. Ferrari made the FF, Bentley comes with an SUV but McLaren announced they won’t build a four-seater or SUV. Read more

  • Rolls-Royce expects new sales records this year

    Rolls-Royce expects new sales records this year It’s only April but Rolls-Royce is so confident they already expect to break their sales record this year. This will be the fifth year in a row that Rolls-Royce improves their sales records. Read more

  • Event: Cars & Business Spain tour part 2

    Event: Cars & Business Spain tour part 2 Last weekend, Spain was visited by a group of supercars from the Netherlands. Cars & Business organized a tour from Barcelona to Valencia, Madrid and Marbella. More than twenty supercars joined this tour through Spain and that was noticed by spotters as well as the police. This resulted in a few fines but eventually it was a great trip! Enjoy the photos! Read more

  • Driver of this Ferrari 458 Spider isn't ready for Formula 1

    Driver of this Ferrari 458 Spider isn't ready for Formula 1 It will take more than a month before the Formula 1 will arrive in Monaco. Still, there are already people trying to floor their pedal in the Formula 1 tunnel in Monaco. Sometimes, this results in a crash. During the Top Marques event, Monaco was filled with supercars and that's why there were a lot of speed controls in Monaco. Two days ago, the police wasn't controlling the speeds and that's when this Ferrari 458 Spider lost control of the car and crashed. Read more

  • Event: Ferrari Club Nederland driver training part 2

    Event: Ferrari Club Nederland driver training part 2 After our first part with a few photos, we have some more photos of the driving training of Ferrari Club Nederland on the TT Circuit in Assen, the Netherlands. This event takes place every year and every year we see a lot of amazing cars during this day. Classics as well as new models making their laps ont he track. A perfect day to release all the horses of your Ferrari on the famous TT Circuit. Which car would you choose for a lap on this track? Read more

  • Event: BMW SummerFest in Johannesburg

    Event: BMW SummerFest in Johannesburg While the summer is about to start in the northern hemisphere, in the southern hemisphere the autumn and winter are starting. To end the summer in Johannesburg, the BMW SummerFest was organized. With a lot of BMW fanatics in South-Africa this was a great event! Read more

  • Is the Ferrari SP America going to steal the show?

    Is the Ferrari SP America going to steal the show? The Special Projects department of Ferrari is working very hard. Without a one-off Ferrari you don’t seem to be special anymore. After Eric Clapton's SP12 and the SP FX a new Special Project is leaked. Yesterday, we saw this photos of a new Ferrari One-off based on the F12berlinetta. This is the Ferrari SP America, a F12berlinetta with the roof cut off which results in a F12berlinetta Targa. Read more

  • Event: Ferrari Club Nederland driving training

    Event: Ferrari Club Nederland driving training Last Thursday, the annual driver training of the Ferrari Club Netherland took place on the TT Circuit in Assen, the Netherlands. Like every year, the usual cars were brought to the track but also some new cars showed up, just like the Ferrari 458 Speciale for example. We haven't received much photos yet, so for now this is all we can share with you! Read more

  • Spotted: three Bugattis in Prague

    Spotted: three Bugattis in Prague It happened before that a trio of Bugattis was spotted. Especially in Monaco or London there’s a chance that you manage to spot multiple Veyrons together. Seeing something like that is sensational, even at a dealership. In Prague, spotter Ondrej Vavra was one of the few to spot the only two Veyrons in the Czech Republic together with a Super Sport. Read more

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  1. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

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  13. Ferrari 458 Italia

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  15. Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder

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  16. Rolls-Royce Ghost

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  19. Ferrari F40

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